Week 3 Response

What does race mean in this textbook [Painter (1886). A History of Education]? What does it mean that teachers are being taught to think in racial terms? What are the effects of teaching teachers to think in this way?

In the textbook from 1886 race meant segregation and differential treatment based on physical appearances. In such terms physical appearance constructed different races in the human race. The segregating of groups of people into races made stereotypes into commonsense idea of what defined a race of people. In education the different races were ranked as good and bad and effected the treatment each received in their education.

Teachers who were taught to see race in these ways would have entered the profession believing race dictated students potential and would’ve effected the way they treated the students. The way teachers are now taught to think about race helps us see the inequality in education and society that come from past views of race. Learning about race and the race in the historical context of education helps us learn how to teach toward social justice.


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