Reflection #8

How might the changing nature of learning and the increased prevalence of technology be related to social justice and anti-oppressive education? What is made possible/impossible by these tools and this type of learning?

The nature of learning is turning toward more open education, as was described by breaking down the walls of the classroom to create community as curriculum. And the increased prevalence of technology in the world and in the classroom helps further create an open education where students can reach out to people in and outside of the community. How might the changing nature and increased prevalence of technology be related to social justice then? It makes the world smaller and information more readily available and available in abundance. It allows different perspectives to be introduced and discovered in education. It allows students to network with people from different cultures and thus able to hear diverse narratives that they may have not otherwise heard in the four walls of a closed classroom. I think technology and community as part of curriculum are important tools for teachers that aim to teach anti-oppressively because of these reasons. I think its expanding education and it is helpful for social justice that education doesn’t end in the classroom, students are thinking critically about social issues and the world around them. With internet and other technologies students are able to access people with different viewpoints and question what they know and expand on their personal awareness of social injustice and oppression and be a part of making positive change. But having an education that gives you the tools and knowledge is foundational to teaching and learning anti-oppressively.

What is made possible and impossible by these tools? I think better and increased networking is made possible, accessing a lot of information is made possible and finding sources that back up what is good knowledge is made possible, and I think preparing for a highly-technological future and future jobs is made possible with these kinds of tools. I think it makes it easy for us to connect to others, come together and create amazing things and I think it allows us to see things in different perspectives and critically question what we know. I think it makes critical thought, in some ways, more difficult and makes it easier for us to take in information unquestioned if we aren’t taught to be critical. I think the tools make some social behaviour impossible, as can be seen when you see people glued to their devises and thus losing some of the amazing things that are happening around us. I think what is made impossible/possible can be effected by how we use the tools.


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