Response #9

Rewrite our class definition of curriculum [the third slide from the ‘what is curriculum’ powerpoint] so that it better reflects your emerging sense of the idea.

[Curriculum includes multiple documents from the ministry of education that are mandated. These documents form the fundamental basis for teaching and provide a framework or guideline for what should be taught including outcomes and indicators for learning. Curriculum is provided/shaped by the environment – context and culture matter. While curriculum does change, and can be adapted it also facilitates continuity across education systems. In curriculum, time matters; material must be able to be taught/tested within a timeframe. Curriculum includes what we choose to teach and what we don’t teach. Curriculum can be directed more broadly to being inclusive and directed to different types of learners and can be thought as contributing to success in life and the development of a well-rounded individual.] –Our class definition from the third slide from the ‘what is curriculum’ powerpoint.

In part, curriculum is an agreed upon document that is mandated and used to provide a framework for what needs to be learned. Curriculum does however go beyond being a document. Our beliefs, the learners in the classroom, the situations going on outside of the classroom and infinite other factors shape curriculum. The culminating curriculum makes some things possible and some things impossible, but there is also room for us to question and change curriculum that can lead to better social justice. Some mandated aspects of curriculum are fixed, but some are not since we all contribute to curriculum. I think curriculum shapes us and we shape curriculum. Curriculum is what gets presented (knowingly or unknowingly) in our learning; curriculum is what we learn and what we do with what we learn.

Where is the place for ‘crisis’ and especially ‘learning through crisis’ and troubling knowledge in your definition of curriculum?

I think the place for ‘crisis’, ‘learning through crisis’ and troubling knowledge in my definition of curriculum is in questioning knowledge and bringing in ideas from many different perspectives in and outside of the classroom that allow learners to be critical about what curriculum is saying and doing and what it’s not saying/doing. I think that the more we are opened up to multiple perspectives, the more we are able to see our opinions as being something other than neutral and thus allowing the opportunity for crisis, troubling knowledge and learning through crisis.


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