Field Experience Goals

Setting Goals for Field Placement


1) Make and teach engaging and motivating sets.

2) Respond and react appropriately to behavioural problems.

3) Appear and be confident while teaching my lessons.

4) Ask questions that prompt discussion.  


Goal 1)

  • Relate the material to student interest and real life significance.
  • Provide a hook that is interest and not too long or short in length.
  • Use my own passion to bring the material to life.

Goal 2)

  • Notice when students are behaving inappropriately.
  • Respond to students complaints of others inappropriate behaviour if I have not noticed.
  • Have a regular way of dealing with issues and stick to it.
  • Be assertive, but not aggressive.

Goal 3)

  • Create a thorough and detailed step by step lesson plan.
  • Prepare back-up steps in case the original lesson plan needs to be changed.
  • Practice going through the lesson plan ahead of time.
  • Meet with my coop and discuss my lesson plan, and be ready to take suggestion that will help make my lesson plan more successful.
  • Think positively.

Goal 4)

  • Consider the outcome of the lesson plan and prepare possible questions to stimulate discussion that will help students reach the outcome.
  • Know where I would like to see the conversation go.
  • Ask open ended questions, rather than strictly yes or no questions.



Data Collection:

Goal 1) did students appear interested during the set?  ____ Yes _____ No

Did students seem motiviated and interested in participating after the set?  ____ Yes ____ No

Goal 2) did I respond when students were behaving inappropriately? ____ Yes _____ No

Was I consistent from student to student? ____ Yes _____ No

What did I say? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Goal 3) did I appear to be confident while I was instructing the students? ____ Yes ____ No

Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Goal 4) did I ask a variety of open-ended questions? ____ Yes ____ No

Did students engage in conversation from my questions? ____ Yes ____ No

Mark every time I ask an open ended question that students respond to:




An observer could make judgements about how the students appear and how I appear while the lesson is taking place. They could make notes of times when my teaching methods seem to get students to pay attention and participate in class discussion. An observer would know I was meeting my goals by seeing if my teaching, my responses to students, and my lesson plans are effect or not.


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