Week One – Field Experience: Ice Breaker

The first week of my field experience was about getting to know the students. The “lesson” me and my partner and I worked on together was an ice breaker activity. We used a beach ball with four colours and questions assigned to each colour to get the students engaged and to get to know the students a little better. I think the lesson went well in that we used our time well and the students actively participated and seemed to be engaged in the activity.

The only thing that didn’t go quite as well as it could have were issues with students remembering which question corresponded with which colour. The problem was resolved right away by writing the question/colour combinations on the board.

I think the activity could be changed by writing the questions and matching colour on the board to avoid confusion and streamline the activity. I think the lesson would also have to be altered, time considerations, if the group of students were bigger and other issues with physical ability that might prevent all students from being able to participate if there were students that couldn’t catch the ball or if a student was hearing impaired we could account for them in modifications to the lesson. In our classroom there was nobody that couldn’t participate, but in other classrooms it may have to be a consideration.

I learned that I find it difficult to tell students that something that they’ve done in their work is wrong, especially when it would mean that the student has to start over. I understand that it will be in the student’s own benefit to have the issue pointed out and resolved with my help rather than letting them continue from an improper starting point. I will have to work beyond my fear of hurting someone’s feelings, but make sure that when I do I am not belittling or making the student feel like they can’t do something.

I think that when I am teaching a lesson plan of my own, on my own, I will find out more about who I am as a teacher. While in the process of working on my lesson plan I have realized that because I am used to university classes I am finding it difficult to get past the idea of lecture based teaching. I find this interesting because I do not even think that straight lecture teaching is particularly good. Is anyone else finding this?


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