Field Experience: Lesson #2

Although my first lesson plan didn’t go terribly, I had a lot of feedback that I used to make my second lesson better. I focused on making my lesson plan more detailed and was more confident in what I was going to teach. My second lesson was on using editing symbols to edited other peoples writing. The lesson went really well. I was able to speak more in a more commanding tone of voice and direct the class through the lesson in a clear and organized way. The lesson was well received and the students seemed engaged.

At the end of the lesson students were supposed to edit and hand in a paragraph to be graded. For the remainder of the class students were supposed to use their skills learned in the lesson to peer edited their historical fiction pieces. However, I noticed students take up silent reading or sit in their desks not doing anything. I took the opportunity to walk around and ask students directly to find a partner and peer edit. Some students told me they didn’t have their stories, but I modified the activity so they still worked on peer editing. In the future I would turn the lights on and stop the projector once students copied the paragraph down, so that it would better signify that they have to do the next activity.

This week I learned that I am a bit of a push over in the way I deliver instructions. I would say you ‘can’ write these notes down. When I say this I mean for the students to copy the notes without being pushy. I have the idea that students are responsible for their learning in a way that demonstrates an excitement to learn, but I can understand that students often want to take easier ways out and they might see my instruction as an opportunity to not take notes. In the future I will be direct and tell them they have to take down the notes. I will also make sure they do. I often assume students are like me in this way, but some students will need different levels of instruction than me.



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