Field Experience #4

This week I taught an introductory lesson on the Power and Authority unity in grade 8 social studies. I introduced the structure of Canadian government, the three levels of government and also a bit of information on the governance of First Nations peoples in Canada. This week my time management was spot on, so I feel that I am gaining a more innate sense of how long to take on different parts of the lesson and my general pacing. Additionally, I had the students play a game as a class where we identified what responsibilities went with the different levels of government. They enjoyed the game so much and asked if we could play it again, which I felt was great. Whenever learning can be fun I am happy and I’m glad the student were too.

Something that didn’t go as I planned it was probably the relaying of information and expectations for note taking. My slideshow had jot note information on it and I expanded on the information verbally, as my cooperating teacher recommended since it is a way for students to listen to what I’m teaching and learn how to take notes from oral information. I walked around the classroom, but I’m not sure all students took down full information or if they copied only the jot notes. Moreover, I worry that I wasn’t able to provide deep information related to the governance of First Nations people. I acknowledge my lack of education on the subject, but I do not use it as an excuse. I tried to get as much information for myself as I could, so that I could provide educational material that I had lacked in my personal education. I feel as though my lesson would be made more powerful and information rich if I had better resources. If I could change something about my lesson it would be to have stronger resources to provide better understanding on the subject.

How do you find yourself increasing your knowledge on subjects out of your area? How are you incorporating Treaty Education into your lessons? If you have resources that you have found to be helpful feel free to share them 🙂 Also, feel free to ask me any questions about my reflection that you might find helpful.



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