Field Experience – Week 5: Team Teaching

This week I taught in a team teaching style with my field experience partner. We taught the students about citing sources. We opened with an analogy about using addresses to find really awesome places and therefore why it’s important that we cite sources properly (so others can find the information). We went through what information different types of resources need and then we did a project. The project was having the students arrange pieces of information on separate slips of paper in order. The students really liked the game and so they did it for a while, getting a great deal of practice. Lastly, the students were shown a web site (easybib) that they can input the information for their source and turn out a proper citation. The students used what they learned to edit their bibliographies. I think the lesson went well in that the students had fun and got really good at putting the information together.

It was the first time my partner and I team taught and so something that maybe didn’t go quite as planned was going through our slides as smoothly as we would have liked. We still have to improve on getting a sense of what the other is doing and using cues and detailed lesson plans to go through the lesson smoothly. If we changed something about the lesson I think we might have more interaction during the showing of the easybib website, so that it was more captivating for the students.

This week I learned that I really feed off of the students energy. I think that their energy is best focused and maintained during activities that are both educational, but also are something they find fun. Since I am realizing that I gain from their energy, I am feeling the need to find ways of getting them more involved and interested in the lesson through interesting exercises that I never considered before.



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