Field Experience Week 6: Teaching Grade 3/4

This week my partner and I team taught once again, but this time we were in a different classroom. We had observed the grade 3/4 class the week before and this week we taught a bell work lesson. It was a thirty minute lesson that acted as part of a morning routine to get some lesson time in for reading, writing, and editing as well as get the students to prepare for the rest of their day. We wrote a small paragraph on the board with a bunch of mistakes that the students were to write down in their booklet and correct. Our target was classroom management since we were in a new class and they just got a new teacher at the start of the week so it would give us a chance to actively work on classroom management. The lesson actually went very well and specifically the target was successful. The students were well behaved, they did their work and continued to work on something else quietly while they waited for others to finish. I got to step in a couple times to exercise classroom management, but the students received my instructions well and altered their behaviour to be on task again.

Something that didn’t go as planned was how quickly the students were able to identify the mistakes, which we corrected as a class. The students completed the lesson early and asked why we didn’t have more. I thought we had put enough mistakes that ranged in difficulty. However, since the students found the lesson not quite challenging enough I think if I were to teach it again I would increase the length of the assignment and adjust the difficulty of errors to be more challenging for the students.

Something I learned about myself as a teacher happened when we observed and helped out in the grade one classroom during their math lesson. The classroom was different than others I’ve observed. Such that it had a garden and had many areas and tools in the classroom that would help with differentiation. I particularly enjoyed the energy level of the students. Teaching and observing younger grades has helped me realize that I would also really like to have the opportunity to teach in younger years education in addition to secondary education. Has anyone else experienced these realizations in terms of ideal grades they’d like to teach?


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