Field Experience Week 7: First Math Lesson

This week I taught grade 8 math, specifically it was a lesson on isometric drawings. It was the first chapter of the topic and some of the students were excited as soon as they seen the linking cubes they would be using to help them in the lesson. I first explained what the lesson would be on, used terms and guidelines that they would have to use to draw the nets of 3D images. I used the overhead projector to go through examples that paralleled the practice assignment they had. I let a few students use the projection to try out what we were learning. There was only one student that need clarifying at the end of the lesson, so I think that it went well. I had the students get their own linking cubes to assist them with their assignment. Something that went particularly well was how engaged they were with the lesson as a result of their excitement to use the linking blocks. Some students expressed how ‘fun’ they found the work and so I would like to see ways that other math topics could be made more interesting/engaging with other materials to bring the ideas to life. Math can be fun!

As I said earlier, there was one boy that needed further clarification, which I did by handing him a block of the image and as a class tried to go over the turning of the object to see the different view points and mark down their lengths and dimensions. Additionally, I think I could have had a way for students to participate during the lesson by using the white board, maybe that would have helped with students who need to learn through their own experiences.

As my coop teacher suggested after, I think it would be better to have students that got the lesson and are ready to work on the assignment to get to work while I went over clarifying the material with a smaller group of students that needed extra help. I think he got what I said and everyone seemed to be on the right track as I walked around. I think letting students get to work as soon as they’re ready would help keep the excitement up and motivate them to get the assignment done.

Something I learned about myself is that I can be somewhat innovative (or maybe it’s something I’ve learned through my experience) and have been able to think on my feet to bring the message home for the students. I think I’m gaining a sense of when thoughts are dropping off and so I was able to change my plan from going over the practice questions myself for the class to watch, I was able to ask students to come up and give it a try. I don’t think there was anything wrong with handing the reigns over since I had already covered a bunch of different types of lessons and I think it was helpful. Perhaps I could build these innovations into my lesson.



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