Introducing Myself to ECMP 355

Hello, I am Paige Mitchell. I am a third year education student. I am an English major and a mathematics minor. I decided to take ECMP 355, because I have been learning a lot about technology in the classroom and because it is a skill that I feel will greatly help me as an educator. I initially tried to take the class as a regular physical classroom, but was reassigned to the online class. Although I was nervous about it at first, I think it will help me get that much more comfortable with technology.

I am also a creative writer and perpetual knowledge seeker. I also love to share knowledge with people and help others learn and find things about learning that excite them. I believe that everyone has something that excites them and something that they might be skilled in or are simply extraordinarily passionate about. Education excites me, and you can read my current teaching philosophy here if you care to understand better my beliefs about teaching and learning. As a tutor, I learned about the people I tutored and tried to connect their learning to them and I also learned about myself. I learned even more about who I am as an educator and what I want to accomplish in my ECS 300 field experience, which I describe in greater detail, here.

My initial thoughts of using technology in the classroom are of interest in how I can learn to use technology as a tool that assists my teaching of various subject matter as well as student learning. There are so many programs and ways that technology can be used in the classroom that can really prove beneficial to learning. I also think that because we are teaching students who use technology in their daily life, and who will likely use it in their future careers, it is very important that they learn how to use technology in ways that are safe and productive. I am also interested in figuring out solutions to issues that can arise with the misuse of technology.

I suppose I will end by saying that I am just simply looking forward to learning in a different way than has been traditional to me and I really hope to be able to improve my skills so I can bring what I’ve learned into my teaching practice. I think it is important for me and my future students that I do.


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