Exploring Feedly

A screen shot of my Feedly account, showing the sources I've found and subscribed to.

 Feedly is new for me, but in the short time I’ve been exploring it I’ve found it to be a great way to find some great articles. I’ve added blogs that are focused on education and technology. I found specific blogs by looking up blogs related to technology and education, but also by searching edtech. I looked through the results and read the description of the options that came up for each of my searches. I also considered the top articles as a reference of the kind of material that would be available. I wanted to find blogs/sources that would discuss technology in education and give information about available tech resources that would help me broaden my knowledge of technology. Additionally, I looked for basic education blogs, believing that since technology is an important topic there would be more for me to read about edtech in those blogs as well. Specifically, I have added the sources: Mindshift and Emerging Education Technology.

Mindshift, is a source I found in searching for blogs related to education. It says it is a blog about how we learn, which I think is important to understanding how technology can be helpful in our learning. I found that Mindshift showcased articles that had to do with different ways of learning and ways that technology can be used to change the ways people learn/ how we teach. One of the articles that I found in Mindshifts blog was about using mobile games to have students connect what they’re learning to their world and their lives. I shared this article on twitter as well. I have found that this source gives me new ideas that expand on the basic ways technology can be used in education.

Emerging Education Technology, is another source that I found using Feedly. I found this blog by looking for edtech blogs specifically. I followed it because it provided articles on ways to use many readily available technological tools. I think that this source is great for me as someone just getting used to technology. The ideas about integrating technology range in level of experience. For instance, there is an article about ten things you can do to make PowerPoint more interesting, which would be easy enough to do as a beginner with technology in the classroom. There was also an article about tools that help visually impaired students, which I think is great to have when considering differentiation and the inclusion of students, in this case with visual impairments, but also of students with many different needs. This source provides a lot of technology integration ideas that don’t seem too daunting for a beginner like me.

Overall, Feedly has helped me find articles that interest me more effectively. I like the idea of putting together a virtual book or magazine full of information and ideas that will help me as an educator in the 21st century. The more I learn the more I can consider how my classroom might look and the more tools I find that will prove helpful to me and my future students. Lastly, I would love to know if anyone has a recommendation from their own searches. Feel free to comment below any suggestions.


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