Online Learning Project: Learning How to Draw

This is a starting point of my online learning project. I am learning how to draw by primarily using online resources. I’ve drawn a few smaller pieces before this to show where I am starting in my learning. Those images can be found here on my instagram account, which along with my twitter I will use to document and make notifications of my learning process.

The image seen below is a drawing I made while watching a video on how to draw a female face. The video goes step by step, starting with the shape of the head. This image is therefore an example of what I can draw while both using a visual reference and a step by step lesson on how to draw a portrait. My drawing ability is generally, even less without these extra resources. Eventually, I would like to be able to draw portraits without copying from a reference.

Why learn how to draw people? Drawing is a skill that I can constantly improve, I can learn new skills and learn to draw different things as well. I have always wanted to learn how to draw. I consider myself a creative person. Creating stories is a part of who I am and how I usually focus my creative energy. However, in addition to stories playing in my mind, I see vivid images of characters in those stories that I long to be able to draw in a way that brings them to life on paper in another medium other than words. I think that to have a still image to go with the stories I create would be very fulfilling. I am excited to begin this learning process and see where I can go.

There are many online resources, youtube being a great place to start, and I have found many playlists and drawing tutorials that will be helpful to me in my online learning project. I will also be using: twitter, intagram, youtube and my blog to demonstrate and document my learning. I plan to start with the basics, tackle smaller parts step by step, and work toward connecting what I learn into fuller portraits. As this is an online project, I am always happy to receive comments that can help my with my learning and suggested sources that can also help me.

A simple pencil portrait drawing



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