Student Blogging

I read an article on empowering students through blogging. This idea resonates with me, as a learner who uses a blog in my education, but also as a future educator who would like my students to be engaged in their education.

Blogging is meant to change student motivation from external to internal. The internal want for their work to be good because it could be viewed by anyone is important to this idea. Also, is the idea of creating an environment and system where students’ peers are viewing and providing feedback on their blog posts. Students are also able to access and work on their blogs at any time and in any place that suits them.

I do think blogging is important because it brings learners and people into a community where ideas can be shared, feedback can be given, and other information can be provided to learners from learners. Additionally, it is important to become active in a positive way online, the idea of creating a digital identity is becoming more necessary in the world of today. Learners need to learn how to operate online and create a positive digital presence.

I think the idea of creating an “authentic audience” ties into creating a collaborative community. Students are interested and seek out ways to share ideas and get feedback because of the internal motivations of improving themselves in a collaborative format. People are also already viewing works by people online, but by establishing a voice online students become content creators as well as content consumers.

What ways do you think blogging could help empower student learning? Do you think that blogging is a good tool for this? Why or why not?

What are additional ways students can connect online that empowers their learning?

Here is a video that is linked in the article that also describes how blogging can transform teaching and learning:


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