Learning About Drawing Pencils








At the start of my learning projects, I bought a pack of drawing pencils so that I could use ideal materials for portrait drawing. In order to learn how to draw specific things, I wanted to learn about the different pencils and when to use each.

I have created a “Learning How to Draw” playlist on Youtube that I continuosly update to include any tutorials or informational videos I think could help me. I have also added entire youtube channels that are dedicated to teaching people how to draw.

For this specific learning material I used a video called “Basics of Pencil Textures“. From watching the video I created the image shown above. I learned about the different types of pencils and their leads. The ‘H’ is for its hardness and the ‘B’ is for its blackness. The numbers place it on the scale. Harder leads will be used for details and sketches and blackness for creating softness and it one I use more when I draw eyes. HB is also a pretty standard pencil that I can use when I’m not sure.

When I start watching a tutorial, I look for information about the pencil they’re using or otherwise I use what I learned in this video to make my choice.

As always I would love any feedback that can help me on my journey.


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