Learning How to Draw: Eyes

Eyes 1Eyes


In my next step in learning how to draw, I have started by learning how to draw realistic eyes. The eyes in the first picture are what I’ve drawn using different tutorials. In each of the tutorials I’ve learned different ways of drawing eyes realistically. I’ve concentrated on different aspects of drawing eyes in each. I’ve learned about eyelashes, eye structure and important shading and highlighting.

Three helpful tutorial videos are: How to Draw a Realistic Eye (markcrillley), How To Draw A Realistic Eye (Circle Line Art School), How to Draw an Eye – Step by Step (Proko).

For the fourth eye in the first picture, I used a website with step by step images. You can check it out here. I found this to be a helpful step between using video tutorial to drawing eyes on my own. This is done as I get a sense of the steps as a learning tool, but also responsible for making connections from what I’ve learned.

I worked on drawing eyes without the use of tutorials, so that I can build up my skill from what I’ve learned. However, when I’m drawing I will find parts that I don’t think I’m doing right, so I go back and watch some more tutorials and then continue to draw and see what I’ve managed to correct and what I need to work on.

Some more tutorials I’ve used in this ways are: How to Draw a Realistic Eye (LethalChris Drawing) and How to draw a Realistic Eye (Step by Step) (by: Pete Mystique). I found the video by LethalChris Drawing particularly helpful.

In addition to learning how to draw eyes, I watched a great video on how to practice drawing. In this video Syrca provide ideas on how to practice and thus improve your drawing skills. The main idea is to continuously draw (in this case eyes) a specific thing until you get faster at completing the image and you feel completely comfortable with the basic ideas. He says that once you do this then you will be able to try out different styles and use your ideas. This is a goal I have in drawing portraits. I want to be able to draw from my ideas not just other images.

I would love to hear any ideas or of any extra sources that may be helpful in my learning project. Thanks!



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