Learning How to Draw: Basic Face

The focus in this learning activity is not about drawing the faces with realistic detail. I’m taking a step back to consider facial structure. While I have already been learning about drawing eyes realistically, I decided it would be best if I learned how to draw the basic facial structure before learning more about specific parts. This way, once I have learned how to draw eyes, nose, mouth, hair, etc, I will know where to place them and work on connecting them into a complete image.

My first step was to get the basics down. I watched: “How to Draw a Face- Basic Proportions”. I watched the video once without drawing anything. I watched the video again, and drew as I watched. I did a second drawing without watching the video to fix mistakes and practice what I learned separate from the video. I gained a sense of where I’d gone wrong. The first image is more stretched out and more funny looking overall. As with eyes, I believe drawing these basic proportions until they feel more natural is an important part of my learning process.

First Face Shape2ndFaceShape

I watched a second video, by the same youtuber, to learn key characteristic differences that can act as clues to the characters sex. The video is called “Drawing the Differences: Men’s and Women’s Faces” Learning the basic differences between male and female characteristics acts as a starting point that can help, but can be altered to fit the variance that exists in realistic images of people. In the video it is stated that these are just guidelines. I personally found them helpful and noticed a difference in my ability to draw faces that depict a distinction between male and female faces.



From this point, I will continue to draw these basic proportions multiple times until I get used to them. Then I will work on trying out different looks or styles beyond the basic. Additionally, these first videos are only the front view of faces. I will also work on drawing face shapes from multiple angles.Here are two videos that will help me with this:

  1. How to Draw the Head from Any Angle
  2. Drawing Heads on Different Angles

As always I would love feedback and any recommended resources. As this is an online learning project, gaining any feedback and ideas on how to improve my learning process is helpful to me.


4 thoughts on “Learning How to Draw: Basic Face

  1. Well, you have already passed my stick-figure drawing abilities, so I’m afraid I’m not much help in that area! Have you been tweeting your posts out with relevant hashtags, or tagging us in them so we can retweet them? Love your inclusion of links, videos, and images. Remember that you can embed the videos as well so they are visible on your page!

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