Getting My Feet Wet: #saskedchat

This past Thursday, I participated in my first “#saskedchat” on twitter. I was a bit nervous at first, as I had never partaken in anything like it before. As others were introducing themselves, I felt more comfortable and introduced myself also. I felt welcomed by the other people participating and began commenting.

The experience was fast paced and exhilarating. The topic was edcamp, which is something I had no information on. I sat back at first, answered the first question and made some connections. I learned a lot about both the topic and the community of educators that get involved with saskedchat Thursdays at eight p.m.

Edcamp is an “un-conference” for educators that reminded me of the process of designing classes in the movie “Accepted” by asking students what they want to learn and writing it on a whiteboard. Edcamp is designed and structured by the attending teachers. It is a great opportunity for professional development and collaboration. As a pre-service teacher, I would love the opportunity to attend such an event. However, be part of the saskedchat also opened my eyes up to ways of connecting with other educators.

I look forward to future experiences with saskedchat. The app “you tweet deck” was suggested to help keep up and I think that it would help me in subsequent conversations. Although I didn’t know that much about the topic, I was still able to contribute from my perspective and learn from others who have experience with edcamp.

I would encourage any pre-service teachers to participate and don’t be afraid to speak up and join the conversation. If you’re feeling uncertain, feel free to join even if you’ll just be viewing the conversation at first. It was a positive experience and it will help you feel connected, at least it helped me. If you have any questions about my experience I would love to share, just ask.


5 thoughts on “Getting My Feet Wet: #saskedchat

  1. I’m glad you had such a positive experience Paige! It’s fun hey?! Keep reaching out and connecting with teachers who are in the classroom and you can find out about all sorts of things. I’ve learned that sometimes there are events that pre-service teachers can attend also!

  2. It was so great to have so many pre – service teachers join in on #saskedchat this week. You motivate and inspire us(practicing teachers) in our work and hopefully we can do the same.

  3. Thanks for sharing your positive experience! I have a class Thursday nights, but maybe next semester I can join in for one of these chats. It is great to know these twitter chats are so welcoming to education students!

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