Learning How to Draw: Faces From Different Perspectives

After getting a sense of drawing faces from a front view, I worked at learning to draw faces from different angles and perspectives.
I worked a little more on the front view as well (practice makes improvement!). Additionally, I learned how to draw faces from a side view and from a three-quarter view. My learning of this step has mainly been construction as realistic drawing of facial features have been and will continue to be developed separately and then together as I get better.

I learned a few different approaches. The first approach came from the first video I watched was “Drawing Heads on Different Angles“. It offers a straight forward way of drawing faces from various perspectives. I learned the lines that go into drawing the facial structures for front, 3/4, and side viewpoints. One reason that I prefer this video a little less than the other (which I have embedded above) is that the youtuber draws using a computer program. While this allows him to copy and paste, as well as lighten lines and delete different layers, I as a learner am not always able to keep up with my pencil and paper. However, the information was useful and re-create-able.


The second video I watched, “How to Draw the Head from Any Angle” gave me a different method of constructing a facial structure for “any angle” I please. Additionally, the tutorial is done in pencil and paper, and the youtuber provides video of his own face to show a real life connection to the angles and facial structure we are trying to re-create. I did have to watch the video a couple more times to gain a fuller understanding, but I did enjoy having two ways of creating a facial structure form multiple perspectives.

Faces2 MoreFaces

These are methods I have practices over and over to try and get used to enough to be able to help them construct realistic portraits. I feel that knowing the basic structures to greatly improve my drawing ability. I look forward to seeing how they help me once I am ready to put all the feature together and create a full portrait. I think it may be helpful for me to do so once I learn how to draw noses, mouths, and perhaps hair, so that I can then work on connecting all of the individual pieces I’ve been working on. Also, if anyone knows of any other helpful web resources I would love to hear about them and check them out.


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