Learning How to Draw: Noses

Learning how to draw a nose has been the hardest part of my learning project. I was not looking forward to learning how to draw the nose as much as I had been with the eyes. However, the improvement I have made I am more proud than any other improvements I’ve made in my drawing. I think what makes the nose so difficult is that it is mostly shading. There are very few lines you can make and have it look realistic.

I began learning  how to draw the nose from a structural point of view. I learned to draw the nose from the front, the side, three-quarter view and from below. I used a couple of youtube videos to help me out with this part.

I found this video particularly helpful. It’s easy to follow and nicely organized. I was able to follow along and gain a good grasp on the basic structure of noses, which I can use detail to create many different looking noses. Also, because it goes through the different perspectives I gained a better idea of how to draw the nose and I will be able to draw portraits from different perspectives.



I practiced drawing the nose structures a bit more and searched for another video to give me another example to get another way of approaching the construction of a drawn nose. I believe this video is by the same person, but goes over slightly different material.


Next, I learned how to make the nose look realistic, referencing what I learned of the structure. I struggled at first to find videos that were actually helpful. There are less videos on how to draw the nose than there are for the eyes. A lot of the videos out there do not provide step by step examples, which I find helpful.

Videos that I used are:

  1. Pen & Ink Drawing Tutorials: How to draw a realistic nose” by: ALPHONSO DUNN
  2. How to Draw a Nose” by: Drawing and Painting Tutorials – TheVirtualInstructor.com
  3. How to Draw a Realistic Nose: Frontview” by: Daisy van der Berg
  4. how to draw nose realistic” by: Xia Taptara
  5. How to Draw a Realistic Nose” by: Drawing and Painting Tutorials – TheVirtualInstructor.com
  6. How to draw people – The Nose” by: uitdf227

I also used a non-video resource in order to get a step by step lesson. This picture tutorial gave step by step images and words that gave me insight into when I should be shading, blending, sketching, etc.

After watching and following along with the many resources I found, I was able to practice drawing noses.



Next I will be learning how to draw mouths. If you have any resources to share, that can help with any step in my process of learning how to draw, I would love to hear about them. Also, if you have any questions about my learning process so far, please ask them in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Learning How to Draw: Noses

  1. I have little talent for drawing, but it really does seem like you have improved a great deal in this post. Thanks for sharing this really visible and transparent look into your learning and progress and how these videos really helped you along. Excellent post, Paige.

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