Scratch as a Stepping Stone to Coding

Scratch is described as an online learning community that helps learners move toward learning coding. Scratch can be a great tool for learners and educators. There is even a community, ScratchEd, for educators to learn and share ideas about how to teach with Scratch.

While I have heard about coding, I have never learned coding in my own education or personal adventures. The stepping stone that Scratch provides made coding seem more accessible to me. I am not the most tech literate person and used to see coding as something only super techy people could do. I am happy to find that I can do it, and I can work towards including coding through tools like Scratch into my teaching. I made a short interactive animation called “Kitty Adventures“. While it may seem short and simplistic, it is the learning process that is truly remarkable.

While using the system of coding to achieve the simple animation, I learned by making mistakes. I would try something out, find errors and ways to fix them, and learn different ways of accomplishing my goals by testing things out. After a while of using the program I got used to what I would need and where I should put it to get the desired outcome. You definitely get a sense of how to create commands and see them come to life. Scratch made me excited to see that even I could learn (and maybe someday teach) about coding.

Because of my experience and understanding, I can see why coding could be an important thing for students to learn about. As is stated in the post by Santosh Bhaskar K, “Why Should Young Students be Encouraged to Learn Programming” programming can be helpful in many ways. The list the post comes up, says that learning programming: makes kids tech geniuses, provides multiple career opportunities, can be a hobby and skill development activity, builds logical thinking, can make money, helps others share knowledge, helps learners make a mark in the world, and can be used to automate tasks. Moreover, as Santosh Bhaskar K points out, it is important to understand that even if learners don’t grow up to be huge money-making programmers, “…programming is a life enhancing skill…“. I agree with these ideas and anything that helps the learners today and in their future, is something I feel I should include in their education if I can.


6 thoughts on “Scratch as a Stepping Stone to Coding

  1. Thanks, it’s kind of a game. If I had pressed on I could have added more, but the learning process was a bit time consuming 😛 You can’t actually get passed the wizard, so I guess if I were to make it more game-y I’d have to add something to either return the kitty to normal or escape the wizards spell.

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  3. Thankyou Jonathan. You saved one more hopeful from loss and fruitratson. Been through and burned by one of these coaching scams before and so now I know to look for people who share the truth. Like many others I am deeply disappointed in Joe.

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