Learning How to Draw: Looking for a Learning Community

In addition to my learning through mainly youtube videos and still photos, I wanted to expand my network and search for a learning community, specifically an online learning community, engaging in the same adventure as me.

I have been blogging about my experiences and learning process, but my learning is still very much a one-way communication rather than collaboration. I watch videos, practice, post about my learning, but get little feedback and opportunity for discussion and collaboration. An important part of learning, even though I am self-directing my learning, is communicating with other learners. So, in the midst of my learning, I searched for communities of learners learning how to draw using online platforms.

I found reddit a particularly helpful space for what I was looking for. There are multiple communities that I can join and partake in the sharing of my online learning experience. There are two communities that I took interest in and added to my learning project resources.

The first is called “Art Fundamentals: Learning to Draw from the Ground Up“. I believe that this is a group started by a single user, who has made and linked lessons, “extra-curricular” material, an optional challenge, and discussion sections. You can subscribe to the group and post comments to get in on the discussion or ask questions. This group is nice for learning material as well as opportunity to be a part of discussing the material.


The second is “learnart” and it says that it is for “artists that want to improve”. It is a more open community, with many contributors and continually updating series of posts that can be helpful in my process of learning how to draw. I can join discussions that interest me or provide me with the opportunity to discuss issues and ideas that will help me improve my drawing.



A few posts from this community include one on “Beginners: 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me…” underneath the initial post are comments that are also helpful and show how learners as well as people who are learned can discuss things beginners should know. Or this graphic that someone posted on how to draw with your eyes rather than your brain (warning if you are sensitive to certain language: there are curse words in the image). Then there is a comments section to discuss the image and the opportunity for learning from it. You can also post pictures of your art and receive constructive feedback that can help engage in the learning community and get tips on how to improve.

I found a few other spaces that I haven’t explored as much and am not as engaged with, but other learners may find helpful.

  1. Learn How to Draw – By: Helen South
  2. Draw Space

If you learned or are in the process of learning how to draw online, what are some communities and/or resources that you are using, like, have found useful, etc…? If you are working on a different learning project, have you found any online communities that are helping you?


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