Learning How to Draw: Mouths

This week, I took on one of my final steps before putting what I’ve learned together. I learned how to draw mouths/lips. I found mouths easier to draw than noses, because there is a general shape and some lines you can draw. That being said, I didn’t find as many resources as I have been able to find for the other parts I was learning. It’s possible I wasn’t looking in the right places or overlooked possibly valuable resources. However, some of the videos I found were quite helpful and I took away some helpful pointers.

In a couple of the simpler tutorials, I learned basic shapes. I learned to use an oval shape and how to draw the middle line to create a smile or neutral expression, and to try a boxy shape for an open mouth smile. I learned a triangle technique for drawing a mouth from a side angle. All of these drawing tips/lessons I learned with Howcast’s video: “How to Draw Lips| Drawing Tips“.

In an attempt to find additional resources, both because of limited tutorial videos and difficulty seeing light lines in some videos, I found a series of images that go through a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw realistic lips. My attempt is in the bottom right corner of the picture below. It turned out less detailed and less realistic looking than the example, but this is partly because I didn’t really follow the later instructions because they didn’t make sense to me. You have to create dark swatches of pencil to use a brush to dust shading in, which seemed odd to me and not something I wanted to do in my own drawing.


My favourite learning resource is the video by markcrilley that I have embedded below below. He took his time to go step by step and the steps were easy to follow and made sense. Additionally, the result is something that if you practice enough you can see your work improve.

The opening of the instruction starts with a grid. This grid is great for beginners especially, and helps me achieve a symmetrical and realistic shape. Here is what it looks like:



You use the grid as a guideline, with the top and bottom of the mouth extending beyond it, because they are round and not flat.

He also goes into the lines you create to make your lips have a realistic shape, curving to show the shape and shading to make them look realist. The results of this learning tutorial are something I’m proud of, and with the tips given in the video, is something I can recreate. Sometimes my scanner makes the shading look a bit grainy, but you can also check out the results on my instragram.



This learning process has been exciting, and I have learned a lot so far. It is really important to practice, so if you have any additional resources or tips please send them my way; I appreciate it. And if you have any questions about my learning process, please ask.


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