Learning How to Draw: Connecting the Pieces

Over the course of this semester, I have undertaken an online learning project as a way of learning how to draw. I have always wanted to put the images of characters I have in my mind onto paper. I am certainly proud of the work I have been able to accomplish, thanks to the wonderful learning resources on the internet. This is not something that could always have been done, so I’m lucky that these resources are available to me so readily. I can also see the great help they can be for many different study areas and learners and look forward to working on similar projects with my future students.

I completed my pre-assessment by watching a video and drawing along with it, so that I could eventually compare where I started to where I am now.

A simple pencil portrait drawing


This image is the result. This is where I started. My drawing skills were very limited, but it gave me an idea of where I was and what I needed to work on. I decided that the best way I could start my learning process was to go through the individual parts.

I started with my drawing instruments. If I wanted to learn how to draw, I needed to get drawing pencils and figure out what each of the pencils did and what I would be using them for.



I started learning how to draw the eyes first. They are my favourite part to draw and there were a lot of resources to help me learn how to draw.




Then I took a step back and learned how to draw the basic face and facial proportions. And building off of this I took on how to draw the face from different perspectives in the following lesson I.





One of the toughest lessons along the way was learning how to draw noses, but I stretched myself and learned a lot with helpful resources and much practice.

I took a break from these individual lessons to seek out a learning community. I was secluded in my learning and part of learning is belonging to a community of learners. I was able to find tips and see communication among others learning how to draw.

My last lesson was on learning how to draw mouths. It was a good stopping point and I was able to make connections to other parts I had learned with the shape being similar to an eye, but wanting to keep in mind that the lips join to the face like the nose, so be careful where you put your lines.



I have learned to draw these different parts better than I ever could have before. I felt like I couldn’t but this project made me realize that I can. I will continue to learn and improve my drawing with the help of the internet, but I will search out opportunities in my community when I can. So, how did I progress? Where am I now? Pictures are worth a million words…


I’ve finally been able to put all of the pieces together and show just what I was able to accomplish during the semester through my learning project. Here it is. You can view it on instagram, along with my other pictures for another view of my learning process. Here is my journey unfolded. I look forward to more learning ahead.


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