Reflecting on Treaty Education: As Long As the Sun Shines

I am interested in treaty education both as a teacher and as a Canadian citizen. I believe that there are parts of our history that aren’t shared with us, but also that understanding what happened in the past is the only way to move forward. I believe it is my responsibility as a treaty person to learn about the past and the present in regards to the treaties. It is my responsibility (as well as it is mandated) to teach the treaties to other learners.

I was fortunate to get to participate in a treaty education workshop. I received helpful resources and ideas about how to teach the treaty essential learnings and treaty outcome and indicators in my subject area of English, but also in a wide variety of areas. I know that I have much more to learn, but this experience has helped me on my journey as an educator and a learner.

First there are many resources on the Office of the Treaty Commissioner website. There is also a wikispace for educators, with access to teacher made lessons, SMART board activities, PowerPoint games, and Novel Studies.

I created a mini activity plan, like the one I worked on in the treaty education workshop, to give an idea of how treaty outcomes can line up with curriculum outcomes and kinds of activities that could be carried with them in mind.

I look forward to learning more and becoming a better educator. Do you have any activities to share? And if you participated in the treaty workshop what are some things that you were able to take away from the experience?



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