What Happens Next and How Can I Prepare Myself?

After reading David Theriault‘s blog post “How to get hired and stay hired. A drama in four parts“, I realized that I have been so focused on my education as a pre-service teacher that what I do after wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. As a student in the education program, I feel that I know where I’m going – I know what I am going to do with my degree (teach!). However, now that I am closer to that part of my journey, I see that it will be a process as well.

As far as pre-service teaching goes, I can see the value in gathering evidence of my internship to show the kind of work I’m doing. I have been lucky to have classes that have allowed me to work on an e-portfolio over the course of my education. I will be working to add more and create a space that gives others an idea of who I am as an educator. I will be working on making lasting connections. Because I am shy,  it can take me a while to feel comfortable in new social groups. I will be making an effort to work through my nervousness, so that I am able to make connection from the beginning of my internship experiences.

Getting hired afterword suddenly feels like a daunting task, but it is something that I will be committed to succeeding at. I am excited to get into my profession and I am open to working in new environments and areas that may not be my specialty. Getting an interview will take effort, so it is important that I prepare myself to the best of my ability. David provided a great resource to get prepared to answer possible interview questions. I think one of the best way to quiet nerves before an interview would be to prepare. I would like to make my portfolio available in both digital and hard copy, so David’s example was nice to see.

After one gets hired, the work will change, but it will also be a priority to make the most out of the position. While I am eager to teach, I am eager to learn and make my teaching better. I will need to give everything I have to teaching, but also to keep up with professional development opportunities and information related to teaching and learning. It sounds like a lot of work and time, but I believe that it will be rewarding to do something that I value so much. I believe that the work I will be doing will be well worth the effort.

Although the journey is daunting, it is nice to know that social media provides a space for new teachers to connect with experienced teachers. The advice that is out there is truly helpful. The ideas and opportunity to make connections is invaluable. Finally, creating a community of educators is a great way to improve our education and the quality of education we provide.

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