Teacher Blogging

Why blog?

I think that blogging allows me to reflect on what I’ve learned and what I have yet to learn. When I read other teachers’ blogs, I am able to get advice from other professionals. I can pose my ideas and ask questions that will help me grow as a professional. I also think being pro-active in constructing your ideal online image is important. When I share my accomplishments and growth, I sharing who I am as a professional. My blog is my e-portfolio and I think that that is a strength. Additionally, it allows me to become part of an online community of educators. It can be a form of professional development when I interact and learn from other educators.

My Experiences

My experiences with blogging have really made me feel connected with others. It has also helped me learn and, in turn, it has been a platform to show my learning. I would recommend giving it a try to other pre-service teachers and current teachers. Part of making the most out of the experience is communicating with others. Commenting on others blogs and sharing your own blog appropriately is important to get a full experience. I think blogging should be more than a one-way communication.

If you’re interested in learning more about what to do and what not to do, there is a great list of Top 10 don’ts for wannabe teacher bloggers. If you are interested in checking out other teachers blogs I also found a list of recommended blogs: Top 14 Teacher Blogs.


How have your experiences with blogging been? And what do you like or dislike about blogging?


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