The Beginning of Pre-Internship

TeacherCartoon (Owls)

I began my pre-internship on Thursday, March 12. I was nervous, as I’m sure most pre-interns are. However, I have been very warmly welcomed and I am feeling more comfortable in the school already. I have been able to observe four classes, be present for a PLC day, and get so many resources from the English teachers at the school.

There are times that I still doubt my abilities, but I have to remind myself that I have three years of education to look to. I also know that this is the real life learning experience I need. As intimidating as it is, I know I will learn so much that will help me to become a teacher.

I am looking forward to getting to know my students, get classroom experience, and for a first, put sequential lessons into action. I want to learn more about meeting students needs. I am also interested in observing more classes and seeing some of my cooperating teacher’s classes in action. I would like to learn about the student resource/help systems of the school.

My first venture into teaching a unit, is the English B10 “World Around and Within Us” unit. I am still putting it together and finding it most difficult to remember what mind space and knowledge set grade ten students are working from. I don’t want to do things that go beyond their reach, but I also don’t want to underestimate their abilities. I know that I am up for the challenges of pre-internship. I would still love to hear suggestions that any pre-interns, interns, or practicing teachers may have. Every bit of knowledge and advice will help me on my journey and I am thankful for all that I get.


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