I Am Still Learning


I am still learning – and I am learning so much. After three years of university, I have so many theories and philosophies that I have had little opportunity to put into action in a real classroom as an educator. I have been anticipating this moment, but I wonder if you ever feel completely ready.

My first week of pre-internship was hectic, stressful, and worth every moment so far. What I am doing now is something I believe you could never learn from taking a class. You have to stand up and try, because theories and philosophies are great, but practice is a necessary step. I am constantly afraid I will fumble, but I think that’s a part of it. I can’t teach as if I have years of experience – I don’t. What I do have is passion. My passion fuels me, that keeps me brave enough to learn despite a fear of failing, and that allows me to learn from my mistakes.

I am teaching my students about the environment through literature. I am also trying to learn about and from them. I want to know who they are as learners, so I asked them and I observe what they respond to and what they get excited about. I learn from them, things that work and things that don’t. I have learned that my unit plans will change with them and for them. A plan might take three days, when I hoped for one. This was something I needed to learn and I am glad I have.

For the next week, I hope to see students getting involved. I hope to learn more about ways to reach students and differentiate for their needs. I hope to find ways to get students talking about literature critically. I hope to get students seeing themselves in their learning. As I add another class to my teaching duties, I hope to learn even more than I have in my first week. I am keeping organized and caught up and I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.



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