How my Inquiry and my Philosophy are Intertwined

Inquiry PhilosophyI have inquired into student-centered learning, because the fundamentals of the concept are an important part of my teaching philosophy. I do believe that students, people, have a natural curiosity for life. What individuals are curious about or interested in will be diverse, but that is an important thing to remember too.

I believe that student-centered learning has to be supported by a consistent learning environment¬†that is shaped by every learner. I don’t believe one project is enough, because I think that a strong education is one that is reflective of the learner. I’m not sure that school is the best environment for all learners, but I think it should strive to be.

I believe that whether we like it or not, our philosophy comes out in how we teach. The way I understand learners to be, paints the way I perceive them and approach them as a teacher. That being said, I have to learn specific skills to be able to teach any certain way. I also have to find resources that support me in reaching my goals as a teacher. So, I wanted to inquire into student-centered learning, because I wanted to learn ways I could implement it in my classrooms.

Before I had really taught for an extended period of time, my philosophy was shaped from a student perspective and observations as a student-teacher. Now that I have had the opportunity to teach for three consecutive weeks, I have a clearer idea of my philosophy from a teacher perspective. After my experience, I still believe that the best education I can give is one that is centered around my students and the diversity of learners that exist.

In fact, my experience has given me realistic ideas as to how I can use the skills I have learned to align my philosophy to my practice. Before teaching, I struggled to organize all of the ideas in my head, but now I have a reference point. I think the more I try and the more I learn, the closer I will get to teaching in an appropriately student-centered way.


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