On Completing My Pre-Internship

I am relieved to have completed my pre-internship, but I also don’t feel ready to wait months to be teaching again. It was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Most of all, I enjoyed interacting with my students. After a few weeks, I’ve gotten used to hearing their voices in class discussion and while reading their journals. I think having them write in journals was one of the best parts. I think it gave them a chance to say something and for me to hear them one-on-one.

I’m really looking forward to building a strong classroom community in my internship and I’m looking forward to being my students’ teacher from day one. I’m excited to add classroom routines of my own and bring even more of my personality and philosophy into the classroom.

My pre-internship was really a learning experience and I will continue to look at every moment in my future career as part of my life long learning. However, my aim in my internship will be to bring even more of my knowledge and ideas to the table. I feel like the past three weeks, for me, were about me getting my footing. Now that I have this experience, I want to push myself to the next step. Additionally, I am hoping that I will have more time and opportunities to prepare and plan for my internship. I know that we have to work with short deadlines sometimes, but time to think and plan is only a positive.

Despite all of the worrying, I had some really great moments. Moreover, when I got the paper that said I passed, I was able to take a breath and really enjoy my final days of pre-internship. I am going to try to do more of this in my internship. Although I’m sure I will be caught up in stress some days, I won’t let it rule my experience. In the end, I am happy.


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