Keep It Simple

Paper stackThese past weeks I have been feeling like the my goals have been foggy. I’ve been trying to make my goals for the unit and each lesson explicit, but it was only at the end of this week that I truly understood where I was going astray. I’ve been putting too much on my plate, I’ve been trying to connect to many ideas, and as a result, I’ve been lacking clarity. My new goal is to strip my ideas down and keep it simple.

I will be focusing on one goal and one big idea at a time. My cooperating teacher gave me the advice of setting three main goals and sticking to them. I think this will help with revising my plans for teaching Hamlet. I hope that this results in better and more thorough teaching on my part, as well as better learning for the students. I have been sensing confusion among my students, at times.

The other way that I would like to practice keeping things simple is too not get hung up on reinventing the wheel. One of the challenges I’ve been facing is making everything from scratch. I have to make the materials that students will use to guide their learning, materials to assess, and to differentiate the materials so I am not leaving the same learners out all of the time. This has been somewhat tiring. I have realized that everything can’t be a masterpiece and maybe for where I am right now some of the worksheets can be very simple.

I look forward to practicing keeping things simple in the next week’s activities. I will be looking to see the difference it makes in my students learning, in my energy levels, and the clarity of my vision. I am always searching for tips, advice, and information that can help me grow. As a new teacher the words of other teachers is something I’m constantly searching out, so please leave a comment.


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