B10 Poster Project

From my pre-internship:

My English B10 class created posters advocating for an environmental issue of their choice. Students needed to have a focused topic, be informative, have a slogan, use images, and be mindful of the posters organization.


These students created this poster to encourage people to recycle. The pun in this one is a nice touch. I felt that the can picture and the speech bubble were great creative elements that made this poster shine.



This is one of the most well done posters. These students connected the words and images in a powerful way. The layout was well planned and they met all of the requirements at the highest level. It was also a unique topic.


While this poster does not have as much information as the others, this poster was done by one of my students that really struggled, but I was so blown away by how hard that student worked. I felt that this assignment put that student in their element and it let them shine brighter than they had. This poster made me think harder about how I could make that happen for more students more often.


This student took great care to draw a powerful image. While printed images were accepted, this showed great attention to detail. The slogan was thought out more than others and it included some information about pollution. It met all of the requirements to the highest degree.



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