Looking Back: Final Response for ECS 100 Field Experience

ECS 100 Final Fieldwork Response

            The fieldwork experience has allowed me to put the ideas of my education so far into a real world context. I have learned, with the help of the focus questions, a lot about influencing factors and structures of the educational environment and I have been able to draw on the knowledge I have gained to set my own professional goals.

The fieldwork observations have provided the opportunity to take the in-class knowledge to see and understand educational environments. I have learned to identify the diversity and subsequently different needs of a group of learners and noticed how the environment can reflect the learners; how they influence each other. I have been able to see the way the school environment and community play an important role in the learners’ education. I have learned about the importance of and the methods of integrating diversity and inclusivity into the classroom and school. I have learned about the curriculum and learning materials that are used. I have been able to see the school as a whole by being able to address and notice the individual aspects that make up the collective environment.

The experience has also set me up to establish my own professional goals. First I want to delve deeper into understanding the reasoning behind the way things are done. I want to take an active part in my education so I can shape myself to be an educator that creates a positive environment and provides equitable education opportunities. I want to learn more about my own personally held and unquestioned ideas, so that I can be sure I am not making mistakes based on ignorance and assumption. I want to learn how to create a curriculum and classroom community that deeply integrates the practice of celebrating and acknowledging diversity. I also want to address my weakness in being technologically literate. I see that it can be an important and wonderful tool if utilized. I want to make connections to the available technological materials.

Overall this observation experience has allowed me to see classroom information in action, gain deeper understanding and set up the goals and ideas I wish to look at and establish as I continue on in my education.