Getting in the Zone

My first week went well for the most part. I had one “bad day,” but in the end it wasn’t that bad and I learned a lot from it. After the first week, I started to get in the zone. I started talking more about environmentalism with my B10 students. It seemed like my students were really getting it and contributing to whole class discussions. They were also more easily able to make connections between their existing knowledge and what we were learning.

School ZoneAfter my seventh lesson, my cooperating teacher and my partner both ecstatically pointed out how well the lesson went. While my other lessons had been going well, this lesson saw me shine. I enjoyed my time and really felt the room become a collaborative environment. I had warmed up, learned much along the way, and got students to see their connection to the material. It was such a great feeling. I think this didn’t happen in the first week as much, because I take time to warm up to people in general. I can be quiet and reserved, but I strive for meaningful interpersonal connections. Although, it does take time.

In future classrooms, I would like to establish a caring environment from the beginning. I really like the idea of starting every week off with a talking circle. I want my students to know that what is happening in their lives and how they are feeling is considered in the classroom. I also want to get to know my students as individuals and for them to get to know me as a person who is helping them learn and learning with them.

Additionally, as I said earlier, I have been learning. I think being a quick learner is one of my major strengths. My goal in learning is never to be better than someone else, but to be better than what I was in the past. As a teacher this means, I learn something from every moment and I use it to make myself a stronger teacher. In the end, this lesson was really important in that it told me that all of my work was helping. This lesson told me that I could accomplish my goals. I can’t settle for being a sub-par teacher. I want to be a dedicated teacher that helps students construct their knowledge. I know that I can do that and if I was feeling down, it was because being that kind of teacher means everything to me. Now I know that as long as I keep pushing myself I can be the teacher I aim to be.