Descriptive Writing

At the end of the lesson on descriptive writing, the students were given two sentences and asked to pick one to add descriptive/sensory words to in order to show what they learned in the lesson.

The outcome for this lesson was CC8.8

Write to describe a landscape; to narrate a personal story or anecdote and a historical narrative; to explain and inform in a presentation of findings, a biography, a documented research report, and a resume and covering letter; and to persuade in a mini-debate and a review.

D. Create descriptive texts (e.g., a landscape scene) as follows:

·         present a clear and colourful picture of the scene

·         include sensory details and vivid words

By the end of the lesson students will be able to create descriptive paragraphs by using descriptive words that appeal to various sense. (Which the students did by adding such description to their historical fiction stories).

Students demonstrated evidence of meeting the outcome in the form of exit slips.

The students edited one of the following two sentences by adding their own descriptive words (such that the image became more sensory).

  • The leaves fell from the trees.
  • The sun rose over the hill.


1. IMG_0019

2. IMG_0024

3. IMG_0021

4. IMG_0022

5. IMG_0023


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