Math Overhead Work

In this math lesson students were taught how to draw the different view points of  3D objects onto dot (or graph) paper.

The outcome for the lesson was:

SS8.2 Demonstrate understanding of the surface area of 3-D objects limited to right prisms and cylinders (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) by:


  • sketching and constructing 3-D objects, nets, and top, side, and front views


We went over the material as a class.

During the lesson some students did examples on the overhead.

Page 1: Math Practice (1-3)

Page 2: Math Practice (4-5)

Page 3: Math Practice (6-7)

Students completed a math assignment, due the following day, that allowed them to practice even more and a test was administered after that.


One thought on “Math Overhead Work

  1. I like how you tell a little about the lesson. Now think about how you can demonstrate growth through the work you share – for instance, you might include both a good and a poor example, explain why each is good or bad, and talk about how you might reteach based on the student work you received.

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